Getting Organized – meal planner and grocery list

IMG_6688 (1)One of my New Year’s resolutions is to get organized. I know, I know, we say the same thing every year right? Lose weight, get organized, quit this or that, go to the gym…the list goes on. One thing I have definitely realized is that the state of my physical space greatly impacts how I feel emotionally. Just think about how you feel when you look at multiple loads of laundry that need to be done or a really messy room or closet. It can make you feel overwhelmed and immediately change your mood. In addition, if you let it go and don’t tackle it, it sort of sits in your mental mailbox, and makes you feel a sense of anxiety at things you’ve left undone.

When it comes to healthy living, the quote “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail” is so true. We often have the best intentions, but it’s not until that unplanned trip through the drive thru or unknown plate of donuts or cookies in the breakroom at work that we stray from the plan. Planning ahead can really save you in these moments because you feel a sense of control over your choices. The drive thru or cookies are simply not part of the plan and you can say no with more ease.

Another great thing about planning is that you can really limit waste and save money. Most of us are on a budget and need to get the most from our money. When I meal plan and use that plan to make a shopping list, I find myself much less likely to make impulse purchases or end up throwing anything away at the end of the week.

Typically, I start with the meal plan and just sit down and think of things I enjoy eating and have time to prepare and then what we like to eat for dinner as a family. Once I’ve made those choices, I know what I have and what I will need, so I make a shopping list and try to stick to it. I allow myself some flexibility because I LOVE trying new things, so I will typically pick up a couple things I want to try.

I used Microsoft Word templates to create this Weekly meal planner and Grocery list. Feel free to download, print and use. They are free of course, I hope they can help you feel organized and empowered in your choices!

Lots of love,

Steph x

planner copy
Click the link below to download the Weekly Meal Planner

Weekly meal planner

grocery copy
Click the link below to download the Grocery List

Grocery list


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